Why You Must Install Heavy Duty Headache Racks

Road safety should be every fleet manager and truck driver’s first priority. Following rules and regulations surrounding heavy duty trucks is incredibly important and a solid foundation for any fleet company, but taking that extra step to provide additional safety is never a poor idea.

Headache racks have become increasingly popular on heavy duty trucks. For those unfamiliar with them, let’s explore what they are and the benefits they can provide.

Understanding The Purpose of Heavy Duty Headache Racks

What are headache racks?

Made from aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, headache racks are a sheet of metal mounted onto the back of a heavy duty truck’s cab.

Its main purpose is to protect the driver and provide that extra layer of protection. Acting as a barrier between the driver and the load they are hauling, headache racks can shield the driver from any flying debris or objects that can fly off the trailer in the event of a sudden stop.

Not only can this addition to your fleet ensure the integrity of your truck, but it can actually save lives on the road. 

Additional Benefits Of The Headache Rack


A second benefit of the headache rack is that it provides extra storage. The metal isn’t completely flat against the back of the cab, but instead has a toolbox jutting out from below the window covering. This allows for the secure storage of and quick access to roadside tools and cargo securement supplies. 

Prevent Scratches

Take away some of the stress that comes with hauling awkward loads. Headache racks are designed to take a beating, so they will protect your heavy duty truck from being dented or scraped when loading it up.

Reduces Sunlight

Don’t worry about overheating in your cab with a headache rack installed. Its shiny material reflects the sunlight that tries to enter through the back window, helping to keep the truck cool.

Your drivers and your heavy duty trucks are an investment. By installing a heavy duty headache rack, you can keep them both safe. Don’t hesitate to contact a heavy duty truck repair company in Edmonton to learn more.

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