commercial vehicle inspections in Edmonton

What Is The Alberta Transportation Vehicle Inspection Program?

When it comes to road safety, the Alberta government doesn’t mess around. That means more than just enforcing typical rules of the road like following speed limits and driving safely. It also means ensuring vehicles are safe enough to drive. 

That is especially important for businesses because of the Alberta Transportation Vehicle Inspection Program. This program means that registered owners of commercial vehicles must ensure that each bus, truck, light truck, heavy truck, or trailer they own receives the required commercial vehicle inspection.

Commercial Vehicle Inspections in Edmonton

Commercial vehicle inspections are great for preventing damage and the need for heavy duty truck repair, but they also allow businesses with commercial vehicles to comply with provincial law. But which vehicles fall under this category?

All commercial vehicles, as defined by the National Safety Code (NSC), require annual commercial vehicle inspections:

  • trucks, truck-tractors, semi-trailers, trailers and combinations thereof exceeding a registered gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 4,500 kg when operating extra-provincially
  • trucks, truck-tractors, semi-trailers, trailers and combinations thereof exceeding a registered GVW of 11,794 kg when operating intra-provincially

Furthermore, all buses, as defined by the NSC, require semi-annual commercial vehicle inspections:

  • buses designed, constructed and used for the transportation of passengers with a designated seating capacity of more than 10 (including the driver), but excluding the operation for personal use

Registered owners of a commercial vehicle or fleet are responsible for ensuring that each vehicle they own receives the required inspection by a valid inspector. Failure to do so can result in costly tickets and fines, demerits on your carrier profile, and potential charges if involved in suspected incidents. 

Facilities for Commercial Vehicle Inspections in Edmonton

Many businesses provide vehicle inspection services, but not all are permitted to conduct commercial vehicle inspections in Edmonton under the Vehicle Inspection Program. Vehicle inspection facilities and the technicians that perform vehicle inspections (Commercial, Out of Province and Salvage) must be licensed by Alberta Transportation.

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