Signs To Overhaul Your Heavy Duty Diesel Engine

Heavy duty trucks work hard to keep your business running efficiently. Without proper maintenance, your trucks could end up breaking down on the road, bring your business to a screeching halt. To ensure your heavy duty diesel engine is working at peak capacity, you sometimes need a diesel engine overhaul and a detailed commercial vehicle inspection. But how do you know when it’s time to overhaul your diesel engine?

Keep an eye out for the following signs as they could mean it’s time for heavy truck repair.


How To Know It’s Time For Heavy Truck Repair

Strange Sounds

The last thing you want to hear when driving down a long stretch of highway is knocking sounds coming from your engine. In diesel engines, knocking sounds could be an indication of various issues, including the following:

  • Faulty fuel injectors
  • Faulty bearings
  • Failed wrist pin
  • Compression problems

Don’t wait to bring a vehicle in for heavy duty truck repair if you hear knocking sounds from the engine. The problem will likely only get worse the longer you wait.

Extra Exhaust & Colour Change

It’s normal for diesel engines to produce more exhaust than non-diesel engines, but if yours is producing more than usual, it’s a sign your engine needs heavy duty repair. That goes extra if the colour of exhaust smoke has changed. 

Blue exhaust may look cool, but it’s actually a sign that your engine is burning oil, and white smoke means that it’s burning coolant. The longer you go without a complete engine overhaul, the more damage these issues can cause.

Burning Through Oil

If you notice you’re burning through oil at a faster rate than usual, it could be because your piston rings are worn out. This can lead to serious engine damage. When oil is being consumed faster than it should be, it’s time for an engine overhaul.

Oil Sludge

Sometimes, dirt and wasted oil end up getting mixed in with your truck’s oil supply, giving it a sludge-like composition. If your oil is sludgy, it’s not going to do its job properly. Since oil lubricates your engine, some parts aren’t going to be properly lubricated, resulting in engine damage.

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