Truck Repair Services &

Heavy Equipment Repair Services


Truck Repair Shop

Mach 6 provides complete in house maintenance and repairs, so our team of trained on-road mechanics will make sure your vehicles are safe, reliable, and ready to go.

Trailer Repair

Having issues with a trailer, we can get you fixed up at the shop or on the side of the road.

Fleet Maintenance

Proper maintenance will maximize the lifespan and productivity of your fleet. Our in-house and mobile technicians will provide you with personally tailored service programs and support.

Transmission Repair

We provide a wide variety of transmission parts and services that are ready to meet and satisfy your needs.

Hydraulic Repair Service

There’s always something with hydraulics, we can minimize your issues with a tailor made preventative maintenance program or tackle issues as they arise.

Starting / Charging

If your battery is unreliable or dead in our extreme cold weather or the starter is burnt a Mach 6 technician will show up ready to get you running again. Skilled in diagnosis our team will get you up and running again.

Mobile Mechanic

Mach 6 provides complete mobile maintenance and repairs, so we will come to you when and where it’s convenient for you to ensure your vehicles are safe, reliable, and ready to go.


Worn down brakes are extremely dangerous for both your driver and your vehicle. If you notice any issues with your brakes, feel free to reach out. A Mach 6 technician will get back to you in no time, ready to provide quick repairs.

Air Conditioning

Comfort on the road is essential for any driver. If you have problems with your conditioning, we will fix it in no time.


Replacing your undercarriage is expensive so proper preventative maintenance and monitoring will save you big. When the time comes let us know and Mach 6 can help you make the right call.

Exhaust Repair

If you have noticed an unusual amount of smoke, noises, or your engine won’t start, reach out, and we’ll send our mobile technicians right away.

Heavy Equipment Repair

Mach 6 has certified off road technicians too. We can help you with Excavators, Skid-steers, Dozers, Cranes, Rock Trucks and the list will go on. Let us know what you need and our trained mechanics can help you at the shop or in the field.

Vehicle Inspections

Need an inspection? Mach 6 Truck & Heavy Equipment Repair is licensed to do perform commercial vehicle inspections and out-of-province inspections.

Engine Repair

Our technicians are qualified to do a complete engine diagnostic and repair, so if you notice any problem with your engine, give us a call.


Our all in one shop approach means we have qualified welders available to perform any required repairs, installs or fabrication.

We provide 24 Hr emergency service

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