Is a Mobile Mechanic Worth It?

Nowadays, services have become more readily available for your convenience. Instead of heading to a repair shop, you can get mobile heavy duty truck repairs

What exactly does that entail? And is it worth it? 

Get these questions answered and more by seeing if a mobile mechanic is worth the service below! 

What Is a Mobile Mechanic?

Unlike your typical mechanic, you don’t need to meet your mechanic at their shop. Instead, a mobile mechanic will come to you! The idea behind a mobile mechanic is that they can meet you at your home, place of work, or other areas where you might need help with any of their services. You can expect a mobile mechanic to have all their tools on hand despite being on the move. 

Depending on the mobile mechanic, they can provide a range of repair services, including your battery, brakes, electrical, engine, exhaust, transmission, etc. In this case, it’s imperative to research what your mobile mechanic offers to provide the right service you need. 

Benefits of a Mobile Mechanic?

There are various benefits to hiring a mobile mechanic. One of the biggest is its inherent convenience. A mobile mechanic can practically meet you anywhere as long as they’re able. In which case, you can expect a lot of them to provide flexibility to you. 

For example, if you cannot make it to a repair shop because your work schedule doesn’t align with shop hours. Thankfully, with a mobile mechanic, they can work around your schedule to arrive at a place and time that works best for you. 

Furthermore, they’re even more instrumental in cases where you can’t leave if your heavy duty truck fails you. A mobile mechanic would essentially be a repair saviour during emergencies where you’re stuck and need help. 

Also, by having a mobile mechanic to help, you can avoid potentially losing money. Instead of paying for a towing bill, you can get your heavy duty truck back in working order and on the road without worry. Plus, if you’re a semi-truck on a deadline, you can also avoid expensive downtime by only needing to pay repair costs from your mobile mechanic. 

How Much is a Mobile Mechanic?

Like a repair shop, you can expect the cost of a mobile mechanic to vary. 

However, unlike a repair shop, a mobile mechanic will cost more. Why is that? The reason stems from mobile mechanics going out of their way to provide a service for you. The breakdown in costs is contributed by the mileage they need to put in to meet with you. 

A good rule of thumb for the price of a mobile mechanic is that they can potentially cost as high as 30% more than a mechanic at a repair shop. 

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