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How Often Do You Need Heavy Duty Truck Inspections?

Canada’s commercial driving laws dictate that all commercial vehicles require inspections to determine whether the heavy duty truck is safe to operate. Owners are required to have each truck in their possession examined by a valid inspector. Failure to do so can result in fines, demerits on your carrier profile, or even potential criminal charges.

But what is the frequency at which you should have a heavy duty truck inspection?

We explore what your obligations are when it comes to the inspection of your heavy duty truck.

Scheduling Your Heavy Duty Truck Inspections

Vehicle Manufacturer Recommendations

Alberta law states that you must maintain your heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles. However, it does not describe how you must accomplish this.

Since maintenance of the vehicle largely falls on your hands, it is suggested that you consult with the vehicle manufacturer and learn their recommendations. This is a good first step when considering what elements of the vehicle need to be consistently inspected.

Set Up A Maintenance Schedule

Aside from keeping your vehicle in good working order, inspections are required to ensure that all heavy duty trucks on the road are safe, both to the driver and those around them.

To meet your obligations, you need to set up a regular inspection program and record it on a schedule. This can be as simple as writing down the time or distance between when your commercial vehicle needs to be inspected.

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For example, your schedule can dictate that your vehicle needs to be inspected every three months or 300,00km, whichever comes first.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) is a mandatory inspection in Alberta. You are required to have them completed every six months or once every year, depending on the type of vehicle.

This program does not replace your regular heavy duty truck inspection.

Trip Inspection

In addition to the regular maintenance checks, your drivers must perform an inspection prior to every trip they make. Trip inspections must be completed within 24 hours of departure, and the driver must sign off on it. These reports are then valid for 24 hours.

Some owners choose to complete a post-trip inspection on their heavy duty trucks as well. A post-trip inspection should be performed after the last trip of the day or on the final rest stop if a trip lasts more than one day.

Maintaining your commercial vehicles will ensure your drivers and everyone else on the road reach their final destination safely.

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