How Much to Replace a Heavy Duty Truck Battery?

Edmonton is a hub for industries with heavy duty trucks. Transporting necessary resources from within Alberta, across Canada, and beyond the border can eventually do a number on your commercial vehicle. It’s why it’s important to conduct regular commercial vehicle inspections to avoid any heavy duty truck repairs. Inspections can reveal the need to replace a battery, which is necessary to keep truckers safe on the road. However, they’re not like any ordinary battery – the cost will be vastly different. 

So, how much would it cost to replace? Read on and find out!

When to Replace Battery

Before heading on the road, it’s best to look out for signs of a battery that needs replacing. You can easily check this by revving the engine and seeing if the headlights flicker. If they’re flickering, it’s an early sign that your battery’s life is waning and needs to be replaced. More worrisome signs are seeing liquid build up on the top of your battery, and it’s starting to expand around the edges. 

The Types of Batteries

Every vehicle’s needs are different. The same can be said of heavy duty trucks, specifically their batteries. Not all commercial vehicles are built the same and might require different batteries based on certain criteria, which can have varying costs.

Here are a few battery types and their price ranges:

  • Flooded – A common acid battery flooded to produce an electric charge. The cost ranges from $170-$330.
  • AGM – Also a common battery, but is known as absorbed glass mat acid battery. The price ranges from $200-$375.
  • Gel – An acid battery with silica that turns into a conductive gel. The price ranges from $400-$500.
  • Lithium-ion – This battery is ion-charged and doesn’t use the same power generated through acid. The price ranges from $700-$1,200.

Essentially, the price will vary based on the brand, type of truck, or equipment they will be powering. 

Costs of Labour

Many might opt to try and replace a battery themselves to save money. It might seem the best idea, but issues can arise if you’re unsure what you’re doing, leading to potential problems. These problems can mean more commercial repairs – which are costly. It would be wise to have a professional handle things in your best interest. The initial labour cost for replacing your battery will outweigh the potential cost of repairs.

Depending on the repair shop, the prices might vary if they charge an hourly rate. However, a battery replacement can have a base price on top of the cost of the battery itself. Every shop’s prices vary, and it would be best to reach out for a quote to get an accurate cost.

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