How much does a heavy duty truck’s oil change cost?

Many in Edmonton work within the oil industry and are no stranger to oil prices fluctuating due to supply and demand. However, in our current economic climate, it’s more important than ever to consider the cost of oil. 

By knowing the logistics, many can make more cost-effective decisions and see where their money is going specifically. 

Below, we will give you the breakdown of how much an oil change would cost for a heavy duty truck.

How Much Does a Heavy Duty Truck’s Oil Change Cost?

Oil Changes For Heavy Duty Trucks

Every heavy duty truck has unique needs, but generally, the process of an oil change is quite standard. 

The following is part of what is included in an oil change:

  • Oil drainage & disposal
  • New oil
  • Installation of new fuel filters 
  • Oil filters
  • Grease job
  • Coolant check
  • Check the fluid level of gear boxes
  • Top off windshield washer fluid

In which case, an oil change is between $200 to $425, with $300 being a good rough estimate. There are definite factors that contribute to reducing or highering the cost of an oil change. 

Type of Model

Not every heavy duty truck is the same. Depending on certain models, the need for oil might be vastly different. 

The older model’s configuration is rather simple because their engines have fewer filters. They would require more oil changes which become costly down the line.

Nowadays, the configuration of newer models is more complex as their engines have a lot more filters. As a result, they won’t need as many oil changes as older models.

Type of Oil

With many types of heavy duty trucks out there, there are also various oils to choose from. However, the goal is to get quality oil to meet your truck’s unique needs.

The best way to know what type of oil you would need is to make sure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications for your engine. Plus, your owner’s manual can shed light on what type of oil your truck requires. 

By knowing the correct viscosity grade and type, you can avoid more costly issues in the future from not having the right kind of oil for your truck.

Truck Care

The biggest factor in needing more oil changes is how the driver treats the engine. When you’re hard on the engine, it can damage it and result in having to pay more on repairs before even adding fresh oil in.

What can contribute to this issue is drivers’ frequently stopping abruptly, driving recklessly, and going through rough roads or terrain. These all result in needing more oil changes and shelling out more money to cover the cost.

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