Edmonton’s Leading Heavy Equipment Repair Team

Fast, effective, valuable and competitive pricing. When it comes to getting heavy equipment repair in Edmonton, there is no team more equipped than Mach 6. 

Our heavy duty mechanics and technicians have the firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge to repair all heavy duty equipment and vehicles, guaranteeing value and a longer vehicle lifespan. We have repaired numerous equipment pieces for heavy duty vehicles throughout our time in the industry, including excavators, skid steers, dozers, cranes, rock trucks, loaders, and other machinery. 

To ensure that we achieve our high-levels of service and quality, all within a satisfactory period, we continually invest in the latest OEM tools and technology. With exclusive access to manufacturing, tools and parts, we can enhance your heavy equipment repairs, elevating its efficiency and quality. 

Not only do we fix heavy duty equipment, but we also maintain it with routine and preventative services that reduce breakdowns, resources and finances. We aim to ensure that our clients receive quality and value for their money while guaranteeing maximum productivity for their operations and fleet. Our safety program is always up to date with the highest environmental standards, securing our employees, your vehicles and the ecosystem. 

With highly trained, experienced technicians, the continued investment in OEM tools and technologies, and a 5-star safety program, you can see why we live up to our name as the leading heavy duty equipment repair shop in Alberta.


24-Hour Emergency Service

When your truck is broken down or you need emergency services, you can rely on our team to deliver 24/7 on-site services that get your trucks back on the road.

Mobile Services Offered

No matter where you are in Alberta, we can quickly send a highly skilled technician to provide you with a fast, competent repair. All you have to do is call us!

Fast Repair Times

We strive to deliver fast repair times that transform your trucks. We don't want you waiting for days or weeks to complete jobs; we act quickly and effectively.

Competitive Rates

We don't believe in overcharging our clients for quality services. We offer fair pricing and competitive rates, guaranteeing a high-quality for all our clients.

What Our Clients Have to Say


Ready To Handle All Your Heavy Equipment Repair

At Mach 6, our shop has all the in-house repair services you need for your heavy equipment and heavy truck repair in Edmonton. With our Red-Seal heavy equipment technicians and welders, who are experts in handling all types of repairs for numerous equipment, vehicles and brands, you know that we have all your needs covered under our roof. 

Our technicians can assist with hydraulic cylinder and auxiliary hydraulic repair and installation, diesel heater installation, hydraulic plumbing, pump and engine repair, undercarriage repair and monitoring, ECM reprogram, and much more. We have superior sources in undercarriage components, OEM parts, attachments, fuel systems, used parts and more.

We’ve worked with John Deere, Hitachi and Caterpillar equipment and vehicles, and we’re always enhancing our education and skills for the latest models and attachments. 

With our welders available, we can aid with fabrication, heavy repairs, custom lugging, shearing, rolling, machining, installations and attachments, handling both easy and complex tasks that can enhance your vehicles’ productivity. 

Coupled with timely on-site repairs to monthly maintenance inspections to ensure that your machinery is operating as it should be, there is no task that our team can’t do for you. Whether you need parts, welding or minor repairs, be part of the Mach 6 mission and book your spot with us today.