Common Signs Your Truck Needs Repairs

Is there something off about your truck? It’s easy for many truckers to overlook common signs of much-needed repair. Spot the signs early and find heavy duty truck repair in Edmonton to ensure it remains in top performance! 

Inspecting Your Truck for Potential Repairs

Engine Light is Flashing

Flashing engine lights is the most obvious and overlooked indicator of an issue. It can highlight a problem with the emissions system, which can harm the catalytic converter when the vehicle is driven without repair. 

Truck Driving on Wet Slippery Road in Winter.

Slow to Start Up

Can’t hit the road fast enough because your truck fails to start up quickly? Then you might be dealing with a failing battery. On the other hand, it can be coming from your starter that’s starting to see its last days. 

Sudden Strange Noises

Trucks are already rather loud as it is. If you can hear a new, unfamiliar noise among all the usual noises that trucks make, it can signal trouble – especially if you notice it’s coming from your engine. Knocking sounds from your engine indicate your bearings are done and can lead to engine failure. 

Odd Exhaust Smoke Colour

The colour of your smoke can say a lot about what’s going wrong with your truck’s exhaust. 

If you notice your smoke is in any of these colours, you need to go in for repairs:

  • White: Can indicate your truck isn’t burning enough fuel and mean your cool system isn’t feeling too hot – with coolant leaking into the engine.
  • Blue or Gray: Signals an oil leak in the engine’s critical seal points, causing the oil to burn.
  • Black: Too much black smoke signifies your truck is burning too much gasoline. Or too rich of a fuel combination for combustion because of a faulty fuel injector.

Subpar Steering Performance 

Not being able to steer properly can be a safety issue when you have too much body roll. These can result from misaligned or damaged tires that can be problematic -especially during harsh weather conditions or seasons. Alternatively, it can be rooted in your power steering system.

Problems with Braking 

Another safety hazard in the making is not being able to break properly and should be taken seriously for repairs. Breaking issues can stem from various places, but here are a few potential culprits:

  • Brake pads and shoes don’t work anymore
  • Brake fluid leak or air got into the brake system.

Awful Mileage

Mileage is important for truckers since they drive long distances daily. However, if you’re seeling your mileage take a dip, it can be one of two reasons:

  • Guzzling Fuel Quickly: It can either be the tires need more air pressure, your brake pads are sticking, or your truck may need an overhaul.
  • Grinding & Jerking: If you can’t shift properly without jerking or grinding, it’s an obvious issue within your transmission. 

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